CertiProf®’s Partner Network allows consulting organizations, training providers, instructors and subject matter experts from around the world to keep up with industry changes, be in touch with the latest technologies and developments and advance their skills.

We’ve built strong strategic relationships and established strong presence in emerging markets to help ignite a better workforce.

CertiProf Approved training partners

CertiProf® Authorized Training Partners (ATP´s) are authorized organizations that offer all certifications available in the CertiProf’s portfolio. ATP´s will enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Association with CertiProf® will enable you to offer various popular courses in the field of professional training and certification, without any additional cost.
  • Build a larger customer audience with CertiProf’s strong student base.
  • An opportunity to tap the market potential for Agile, ISO/IEC, Marketing, Blockchain, Innovation and Service Desk certifications.
  • Increase your portfolio with other popular certifications.
  • Deliver courses worldwide at anytime.
  • Access to courses in English and Spanish.
  1. Organization fills in an online form expressing interest about becoming ATP with CertiProf®.
  2. CertiProf ´s team reviews the application within 3 business days.
  3. If approved, the organization will be contacted to complete the agreement.
  1. Training Providers Organizations, whose main business is to provide training for various skills and courses.
  2. Companies Organizations, which are not training providers or universities.
  3. Universities Organizations, which are recognized as universities globally.
  4. Small Training Organizations or Small organizations who were CertiProf´s initial partners
  5. Individual experts or consultants.